What is An Alcohol Detox and How it Could Help You

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An alcohol detox is a commonly used method of stopping, or at least heavily limiting the intake of alcohol in order to cleanse the liver and body.

Like with any addictive substance usage commonly begins with the odd occasion; in the case of alcohol it is not unusual for any early usage to begin in the late teen years and whilst some addictions begin near early experiences it certainly would not be fair to label all cases like this.

Regardless of when the addiction begins to take hold it usually escalates from uncommon drinking sessions and evolve over time into dependence and with alcohol so readily available it is not hard to see why that path is all to an easy one to end up on; often ending up with the alcohol holding a hold of the affected person with a need to physically have the alcohol but it also takes over and has a mental grip on the person.

With the two-pronged hold over a person it is easy to see why an alcohol detox is needed to stop the grip and help normality return to their life – a life without the need for alcohol intake.

While it is clear in a lot of cases that alcohol detoxification is needed, frequently it is considered by the victim that either there is not a problem to begin with or it will be an easy journey to a life without reliance on alcohol. The first stage when fighting an addiction acceptance of the problem and the second is to realise that it will be a tough road and preparation for times of struggle. Unfortunately it can not be as simple as just to stop drinking alcohol as the cause of the problem and the biggest battle to overcome is the mental effects from the routine of drinking regularly.

It is important that before you engage in any alcohol detox program or plan that you consult properly with a medical expert, whether that be directly through your doctor or through a proxy such as an alcohol addiction group. This is primarily because the exact effects are unknown from person to person and simply going ‘cold turkey’ can have some very bad consequences – either physically or mentally. It is wise to undertake the alcohol detoxification with some sort of addiction rehab specialists to advise and support you through the long process of fighting off an addiction.

Effects of Doing an Alcohol Detox

Typically, the usual effects of straight-up detox from alcohol include sweating, nausea and a loss of appetite; as well as the physical effects it is common to experience a general state of feeling irritable, feelings of depression, nightmares as a reaction to quitting, mood swings, nervousness/anxiety and an effect known as ‘the shakes’. How long these effects are felt varies on an individual case but it is not unusual for them to continue for several weeks after beginning the detox.

If however you can come through the alcohol detox successfully there are many rewards for doing so and you will enjoy a healthier and more fulfilled life. The different plans for detoxing vary with some simply cutting out all alcohol and taking a liver cleansing supplement, whereas some use some form of either medicine or natural remedy to help beat the cravings. Whichever path is taken be aware that it will be a long one with lots of hurdles but the rewards are plentiful if you reach the end.

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