What is a Natural Liver Cleanse?

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A natural liver cleanse is a protocol designed to help flush our livers of toxic build up, including gallstones, so that it can return to normal function.

A healthy, fully functioning liver is vitally important as it performs functions that keep the rest of our bodies nourished and safe from toxins.

Our livers extract nutrients from foods and convert them into substances our bodies need to survive, filters out toxins from everything we digest and helps to regulate our insulin response. The gallbladder sits just below the liver and produces bile which helps the liver process fats and is where gallstones are formed.

Some of the signs that a natural liver cleanse could benefit you include:

● Problems with digestion including excess gas, indigestion, and frequent constipation or diarrhea.
● Frequent headaches
● Lack of energy and fatigue
● Weakness
● Inability to lose weight
● Food allergies, in-tolerances and sensitivities
● Rashes, acne and other skin
● Pain in the abdomen or lower torso
● Muscle aches and pains

Before you embark on a liver cleanse, it’s important to consult with your doctor to rule out more conditions that require urgent medical treatment.

Most natural liver cleanses call for a few simple, easily obtained ingredients including:

● Olive oil
● Grapefruits
● Epsom Salts
● Apple juice
● Ornithine capsules

There are several different popular liver flushes with slightly different protocols however most have the same basic elements. Before the cleanse, you will be advised to prep your liver by eating a light diet of mostly unprocessed, raw foods. Many also call for apple juice to help soften the any gallstones to make it easier for them to pass.

You should schedule your cleanse on a weekend so that it will not interfere with your daily activities. The first day you will devote to consuming the ingredients required in your cleanse at specified times. The second day is for rest and recuperation.

The day of the liver cleanse you will stop eating after a specified time and consume the grapefruit and Epsom salts at different intervals. Some cleanses also call for an enema to cleanse the intestines before the flush. Before bed, you will drink the olive oil and lie down to allow it to flow to your liver to facilitate the cleansing. Some cleanses call for Ornithine capsules to help you sleep.

When you wake in the morning, you will drink another Epsom salt mixture and spend the rest of the day resting. After some time has passed, you will be able to eat again, although it is advised that you start slow with light, easily digested foods.

Sometime during this process, you will have one or more bowel movements that contain the materials cleansed from your liver.

This should be a soft, yellow stool that may contain green pellets that float. These pellets are gallstones that have passed during the flush.

A great natural alternative which isn’t as aggressive, but just as effective to the Epsom Salt liver flush is an all natural liver cleanse supplement. This is a much simpler method of cleansing the liver that has worked wonderfully for us that we’re happy to recommend.

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