What Are Liver Stones And How Can You Treat Them?

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Liver stones are a common problem leading to pain in the upper right belly or even spreading pain to the shoulder blades and causing heart attack like symptoms.

Do you eat a healthy diet? Are you overweight? Do you exercise daily? If you are not properly caring for your body you are putting yourself at risk for a series of problems like liver stones.

Liver stones are commonly referred to as gall stones and without proper prevention, it can lead to serious pains and may require surgery to completely remove the gall bladder.

Liver Stones

The gall stones that most people have are a calcium deposit buildup in the gall bladder. This occurs with the bile that is in the gall bladder, which aids in breaking down fats and helping to remove them from the body. If these gall stones are not prevented, they cause a blockage in the gall bladder which leads to abdominal pain, jaundice, infections, and other complications.

Typically your doctor will perform an ultrasound to check on the gall bladder and to examine it for the presence of liver stones. If they are found, surgery is the only treatment option that you can follow for complete relief.

The gall stones can cause pain throughout the night that can often cause you to awaken. Most people experience pain soon after eating and it can even obstruct your ability to breathe properly. The gall stones often lead to pain that seems quite similar to that of a heart attack as some people end up with heartburn and stomach flu.

For many people the formation of liver stones is sudden. These stones can be very small or they can be quite large, some as large as a golf ball. They can block a duct, which leads to all of the pain and other symptoms that you may be experiencing. If you suspect you have a gall stone and it’s accompanied with a fever, seek medical treatment immediately. This indicates a very serious problem as it could be causing issues with the pancreas.

Who Can Develop Liver Stones?

Anyone can be at risk for developing gall stones, but females tend to have a higher risk factor than males. It is also common to have issues if you have a family history of gall bladder issues. If you have any symptoms of gall bladder pain, report it to your doctor. They will need to monitor it and to determine if surgery is necessary. The pain may go away with healthier eating but in some cases you may end up with multiple attacks, which means surgery is the only treatment.

Performing a yearly body cleanse is a great way to prevent the formation of liver stones. You will need to focus on healthier eating as well like increasing your intake of raw vegetables and fruits. It is vital that you cut out certain foods from your diet specifically those that are high in fat.

Many people with gall bladder issues will also drink herbal teas and will consume green soup as this helps to reduce pain and future issues with the gall bladder. Maintaining a healthier weight is also important to reduce your risk of developing gall stones and dealing with many other health problems.

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