Prescription Drugs vs. Nutritional Supplements

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When it comes to attempting to recover from any type of health disorder whether it be acne, obesity, bad eyesight, arthritis, cancer, etc…

Which method is most effective at not only stopping the symptoms for occurring, but actually putting an end to it permanently so it never comes back again?

This article will discuss my personal experience with taking prescription medications vs. natural supplements in order to recover from liver disease.

(Note that I am not a medical doctor, so I must put a link to my disclaimer for this article.)

Prescription Medications (Short-Term Fix)

Due to an incredibly poor lifestyle growing up, I took a crash course to being diagnosed with liver disease. And with it, came several health symptoms that continued to worsen as time went on. The problem was I wasn’t aware that the symptoms I was having in the beginning (no energy, obesity, acne, poor sleep, hypoglycemic) were due to my liver. I was just brushing them aside as being just the normal discomforts of our modern, busy lives.

At first I went to my doctor for everything that was going on and eventually I had around six different types of prescription pills I was supposed to take every day. At first it seemed like they were working fine. I thought if I just continued taking them I would be okay, regardless of making any changes to my lifestyle or not.

Overtime though they just came back and everything started to slowly get worse, plus I had new symptoms that I didn’t have prior to taking the medications for a few months.

So although I had felt better for a little while, they ended up just coming back again overtime or immediately came back if I stopped taking the pills even for a day.

This is what drove me to start learning everything I can about taking care of your health naturally via diet and nutritional supplements. It didn’t take long to see that the pills the doctors were giving me weren’t designed to actually fix the problem, they were only giving me the illusion the problem was fixed because they were taking my symptoms away temporarily.

Because if they actually fixed the problem, then nobody would be sick. Why is it that no matter how many pills the doctors give us, we’re all still sick and the numbers of deaths due to disease and cancer increase each year?

Nutritional Supplements (Long-Term Fix)

Once I started researching what I needed to do to actually recover and not just sweep my symptoms under the rug, I immediately changed my poor lifestyle habits.

I had to stop drinking alcohol and soda pop, smoking, eating fast food and all that stuff we all know is unhealthy for us but do it anyway.

I also started on some natural supplements the homeopathic doctor recommended I take for my liver. Such as milk thistle, dandelion root, artichoke extract, and beet root. Luckily I found one which had all of them at the most potent levels plus a whole lot more in one pill.

When I first started doing this it was incredibly difficult. It’s not easy giving up everything you’ve been accustomed to your entire life. But there wasn’t any other choice in the matter.

It took a good one to two months before I started to notice a significant improvement. My symptoms didn’t go away immediately upon taking the supplements like the pills from the doctor did. So if you have the “I want it now” mentality when it comes to reversing disease or any other health symptom, that’s something that needs to be ignored.

Your liver can take years of punishment before you start to feel the effects. The problem is that we do things which are damaging to the liver every single day, which some cannot be avoided for the most part (pollution in the air).

So expecting a magic pill to fix your problems overnight is just not going to happen. Healing is a process, not an overnight thing.

Many people will take a supplement then give up because they’re not noticing anything for the first couple of weeks, not knowing that it’s a process that also requires proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

It’s a long-term fix, but also a permanent fix. Pills from the prescription drug companies are short-term fixes, but they’re far from permanent.

If you’re looking to get rid of the symptoms of an unhealthy liver, then getting on a liver support and cleansing supplement is a must. Know that many prescription drugs have been proven to be damaging to the liver, making the problems worsen overtime.

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