Need a Winter Immunity Boost? Try Liver Cleansing

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It’s no secret that during the fall and winter months that we’re exposed to a lot more sickness than usual.

And when we’re constantly around others whether it be at work, school, shopping malls or at home, it can be hard to protect yourself. Especially when you have children to take care of.

The winter months also bring the holidays. The time when friends and family all get together and enjoy each others company and catch up. Unfortunately, this is a very easy way to spread sickness to each other. When we’re all confined into a little house, usually having dinner, spreading a flu or cold virus is pretty much guaranteed.

The pharmaceutical companies know this very well. This is why things such as flu vaccines and other drugs are pushed twice as hard during these months because of how profitable it can be for them. Sick people = buying medicine = more profits.

Liver Cleanse for Immune System Support

Preventing Sickness – Take Care of Your Liver!

It’s no doubt that the winter months are the hardest on your liver. This is the time when eating poor quality foods and candy is excusable. After all, it’s the holidays so why can’t I have that extra piece of pie, doughnut or another cookie?

So now many people are confined into smaller areas due to the outside cold and family gatherings. Combine that with eating poor quality foods which suppress the immune system and it’s no longer a surprise why the flu and cold virus’ are running unchallenged during these times.

Here’s a few tips to help protect yourself from getting sick this holiday season.

1- Eat Healthy

As said before, the holidays give us an excuse to eat foods which we normally don’t, and a lot more than usual. What you can do is not give in to the temptation. Now I know that can be difficult when starting at a table full of Christmas goodies, and it’s not like you can’t have a little bit, just don’t overdo it.

Sugar and other sweeteners suppress your immune system and the liver doesn’t like trying to filter and digest them. Keep it in moderation and your chances of catching a cold will reduce drastically.

2- Try Shopping More Online

Places such as shopping malls and other stores are perfect for spreading illness.

These places attract thousands of people during the holiday months and you can bet a large majority of them don’t practice good hygiene.

Shopping online will greatly help reduce your chances of catching a cold or flu during the holidays.

3- Exercise

The winter months are also known to increase stress levels, especially for women, the ones who work so hard on making the holidays fun for the whole family.

Stress suppresses the immune system and is hard on the liver. Doing a light exercise daily will greatly help in keeping stress and anxiety levels down, as well as keeping your immune system strong.

4- Take Something Which Supports Your Immune System Everyday

Taking vitamins such as C, B and E are great for supporting your immune system. Also, you’ll want to keep your liver functioning at its peak. The liver is your bodies prime filter and detoxifier, if it’s sluggish and run down, your energy levels and immune system will suffer.

Taking a quality liver support supplement is strongly advised during these times. This will help boost your immune system, energy levels, as well as helping to reduce stress.

The liver is such an important organ with over 500 functions. When it can finally perform them like it should, you’ll definitely notice a profound difference in the way you feel, act and function.

Say NO to getting sick during the winter months, take care of your liver and it will take care of you. Click here to learn more about our liver cleansing supplement.

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