National Liver Awareness Month – October

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For those that don’t know, October is National Liver Awareness Month. Why is this important you ask?

Well for starters, just this year alone (2011), over 14,000 people received liver transplants in the United States. And over 16,000 are awaiting liver transplants of their own. This number continues to grow year after year.

For this reason, National Liver Awareness Month is about recognizing these staggering statistics and doing your part to help these people in need.

How You Can Help

The American Red Cross is asking all donors to assist in donating blood to help people who will be needing blood transplants during surgery. Unfortunately, there are always more patients in need then there are donors. And the supply must constantly be replenished.

By donating whenever you can, you’re helping a lot more than you could ever imagine. Every little bit helps!

Also, you can try to help educate others on the importance of keeping a healthy liver and some of the best ways to do so.

Tips for Liver Care

Your nutrition and lifestyle are the best ways to support your liver and the rest of your body. Remember, the liver is your master body filter, the more its functioning the way it should be, the better you will feel and the risk of disease and illness drops dramatically.

With this in mind, you must become aware of what’s inside the foods you’re eating. Try and eat foods with as limited amounts of toxins as you can, and as much as you can. This also applies to what you drink and breathe. Everything that goes into the body is first filtered by the liver. If it is loaded with toxins and chemicals, it’s damaging your liver.

The best foods for the liver is lots of dark green veggies, lean meats, lots of fruits and whole grains. Try and avoid things such as fast food, soda pop, alcohol, drugs and tobacco as much as possible.

As always, it’s never a bad idea to supplement your diet with herbs that support and heal the liver. Herbs such as Milk Thistle, Artichoke and Dandelion are some of the big ones. It’s always better to become aware and take the necessary action to prevent disease then to try to reverse it.

It’s also important to try to relieve as much stress and possible in your life. Stress releases hormones and chemicals which makes the liver work extra hard to filter them out. Reducing stress levels allows blood vessels to dilate, facilitating blood to flow easily into and through the liver for its purification.

Please forward this article to anyone who could use it, we all must do our part so that hopefully some day, those liver transplant numbers start reducing every year rather than increasing. It’s that important.

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