11 Irresistible Liver Healing Recipes

Are you wanting to create healthy, yet simple meals at home, but just can’t figure out where to start?

Tired of all your hard work going down the drain because everyone at the table is terrified of the words “It’s healthy for you?”

Our 11 Irresistible Liver Healing Recipes eBook can give you exactly what you’re looking for.

This 40 page recipe book is the PERFECT guideline for helping you to cook some of the BEST tasting liver meals I know of. And best of all, they actually taste GOOD! So good in fact, you’ll wonder why there’s never any leftovers in the fridge anymore.

I absolutely love cooking healthy meals, and always finding new ways to spice things up and make them better. These recipes are loaded with ingredients that your liver will love you for.

These are some of my personal recipes that I cook daily for me and my family, they LOVE them, and I want to share them with you too.

Health is all about what you do on a DAILY basis. Cooking healthy meals at home is a very empowering, CREATIVE act.

There’s a very STRONG feeling of personal empowerment that comes along when you’ve taken the time to create something such as food which you know is healthy for you and your family.

Let us give you some great recipes to get you started in the kitchen which will surely sprout all kinds of ideas for future recipes of your own!

Let cooking be a FUN and HEALTHY experience for the entire family.

What’s Inside?

This recipe book has 11 of my own personal recipes which have a unique spin that I guarantee you’ve never tried before, as well as some great tips on some of the best foods which aid in healing the liver.

1- Stuffed Peppers
2- Avocado Dressing
3- Kale Chips
4- Pita Bread Pizza
5- Greek Salad
6- Veggie Pizza
7- Baked Asparagus
8- Green Smoothie
9- Veggie Omelet
10- Hemp Milk
11- Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Go deep, or keep things light: this flexible recipe ebook can easily be adapted to your unique tastes, desires, and recipes.

Reignite the fire. Refresh your approach. And live a richer life, starting today.

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