Liver Cysts

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Liver cysts occur when a small sac of fluid becomes enlarged within the liver. This occurs in only a small percentage of the population, and for the most part are nothing to be concerned about as they tend to go away on their own.

Of the small percentage of people who develop liver cysts, even a smaller amount develop symptoms from them. This is because the cysts can multiply, bleed, and can enlarge even further and the person will most likely be experiencing sharp pains in their upper right abdomen and shoulder, or bloating. Sometimes the cyst can become so large that it can be seen or felt around the abdomen.

Liver Cysts Causes and Symptoms

The cause of liver cysts is said to be unknown, and that they tend to develop at a later age possibly because of genetics. Some cysts can also be caused by parasites. Luckily, liver cysts tend to go away on their own and don’t affect liver function by themselves. The only reason to get treatment for liver cysts is if you’re developing symptoms such as those stated above.

If one isn’t manifesting any symptoms from liver cysts, the only form of detecting whether someone has liver cysts is via an ultrasound or CT scan, which will look something like this…

liver cysts ultrasound

The upper left black circle is an enlarged cyst within the liver, and larger black circle on the bottom right is one within the spleen.

Liver Cysts Treatment

If treatment is required for the cyst, which is only the case if they become enlarged and painful, or if they’re restricting bile flow, then the cyst may need to be drained or removed surgically.

This procedure is said to be simple and most patients tend to fully recover within only a couple of weeks.

Since modern medicine is very unclear to the causes of cysts outside of genetics, it is wise to look into every possible detail if this is a condition you’re dealing with and not just take that answer at face value.

Really look into things and ask critical questions such as what type of medications are you taking? What types of foods are you eating? And so on..

Remember, every single thing put into the body goes through the liver, which means over the years, one could easily develop an intolerance to something which is causing a negative affect on their livers or any other organ.

Which means it is wise to become aware of what is hurting the liver and what is not, and supplementing your diet with liver cleansing supplements to make sure all toxins and chemicals are frequently being flushed out.

As stated, most liver cysts tend to go away on their own and require no treatment, but if they’re developing at all then it’s wise to take some form of action rather than just hoping for the best.

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