Why learn how to liver cleanse? Many people don’t understand the crucial role that the liver plays in keeping our bodies nourished and healthy.

Everything we eat or drink is filtered through the liver to remove toxins and other harmful substances so that they aren’t released into our blood stream. Our livers also do the hard work of metabolizing drugs and alcohol and converts excess carbohydrates and protein into fat.

By learning how to liver cleanse, you will be able to give your liver a much-needed break and help it return to optimum efficiency. Certain liver cleanses and detoxes can also help rid the liver and gallbladder of harmful stones that can cause a multitude of annoying and distressing symptoms, such as digestive problems, fatigue and skin conditions.

Some of the major benefits of a liver cleanse include:

● Improved digestion including relief of constipation, diarrhea, excess belching and flatulence, indigestion and heartburn.
● Improved metabolism and reduced appetite.
● Clearer, healthy skin and relief from itchy, painful rashes, blemishes and boils.
● Increased energy, stamina and feelings of vitality
● Relief from headaches
● Better memory and an end to feeling “fuzzy” or “drained” mentally

An important thing to remember before embarking on learning to how to liver cleanse is to be certain to visit your physician or naturopath beforehand to make sure that there is no reason why it would not be advisable for you to perform this regimen. While nearly all liver cleanses involve natural, non-toxic substances, there is a risk that your symptoms might be caused by a more serious condition that would warrant medical intervention.

Be sure to choose the right day to perform your liver cleanse. If you work a normal Monday-Friday schedule, a Saturday would be ideal so that you have an additional day to rest and recuperate before returning to your normal schedule.

Most liver cleanse regimens will require you to spend a few days preparing for the cleanse by eating a light diet of fresh, unprocessed foods. This will prepare your body and particularly your liver for the cleanse and also help you acclimate to eating a better diet after the cleanse to maintain your health and well-being.

The ingredients for most liver cleanses include:

● Organic, un-pasteurized apple juice
● Grapefruits
● Epsom salts
● Organic olive oil

The pectin’s in the apple juice will help break down the gallstones and make them easy to flush. The grapefruit, olive oil and Epsom salts will allow your body to release the gallstones in your bowel movements the next day.

Learning how to liver cleanse is only the first step of the process. It’s important to remember that if you go back to eating an unwholesome diet and drink alcohol and take unnecessary medications that your liver and gallbladder will soon return to the same state. For best results, it is important that your diet contain plenty of unprocessed, healthful foods and that you are kind to your liver by drinking only in strict moderation, if at all and consider the risks/benefits of any medications before taking them.

In certain cases it may also be advisable to supplement your diet with herbs that support healthy liver function to continue to heal and strengthen your system. A liver cleanse is a wonderful first step but proper maintenance will ensure that the benefits are long-lasting.

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