How To Improve Liver Function

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A properly functioning liver is important to everyone and knowing how to improve liver function can help people live better, healthier lives as well as help those who have experienced liver damage to rejuvenate their livers.

The liver is responsible for eliminating the toxins that enter the body through the digestive system. One way to improve its function is to eliminate or limit those toxins coming into the system.

how to improve liver function

Knowing How to Improve Liver Function

Choosing organic foods is a good start to limiting potential hazards related to the digestive track. Because organic produce is grown without pesticides and other harmful toxins, the fruit and vegetables will have no residue on them. Avoid all processed foods like chicken nuggets.

In addition to fruits and vegetables, good liver health can be promoted by eating a diet high in whole grains. Whole grains can provide fiber to help clean the system and take some of the workload off of the liver. Beans and legumes are a great form of protein and also provide fiber. Other forms of protein include nuts and seeds.

For those who like to eat meat, free-range chickens and grass-fed cows not treated with hormones and antibiotics are the best sources that will tax the liver less than meat grown in other ways. Avoid luncheon meat, hot dogs and other forms of preserved meat.

Alcohol consumption over a long period is one of the causes of chronic liver failure. Avoiding alcohol altogether will help anyone looking to keep his or her liver healthy. Other drugs to avoid include acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Be sure to talk to a physician about any prescription drugs, what their effect is on the liver and if there are any alternatives that might not be as taxing on the liver.

Drink plenty of water, but do not overdo it. Water needs to be balanced with salt, and while a lack of salt is usually not a problem in the American diet, it is important to make sure that the body has enough to work properly.

Avoid artificial sweeteners and sugar. Artificial sweeteners are toxic to the liver and must be filtered by the body. Sugar increases the likelihood of being overweight and being overweight taxes the body including the liver. If you must use a sweetener, try honey, agave nectar and molasses. These are good alternatives because they can provide more than refined sugar can. If you need something sweet, try a fresh or sun-dried fruit.

Your food can still be flavorful. Adding garlic, turmeric and the spices associated with Indian curies will not only be good for you, they will make a meal that is flavorful and liver healthy.

Washing your hands is an important step to remaining healthy. Hands can carry bacteria that will need to be filtered out by the liver. By washing your hands, you are reducing your chance of getting sick and reducing the amount of work that the liver has to do.

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