Get Rid of Acne With Liver Cleansing

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Are you looking for the best ways to get rid of acne safely and naturally?

A high quality liver cleanse is a fantastic method for helping the body deal with excess amounts of toxin buildup within the skin.

Your skin is the bodies largest organ, and one of its main responsibilities is the elimination of toxins via the sweat glands. The skin and the liver are quite similar in that the liver is also one of the largest organs, and is also responsible for removing unwanted toxins inside the body. Knowing this, it becomes clear on how the two organs go hand in hand.

When one isn’t functioning properly, the other one suffers. In most cases, acne is a result of toxic buildup inside your skin and body due to poor liver function. These toxins can easily become infected and inflamed due to many different circumstances which results in a pimple forming over the infected area.

Tips to Help With Acne and Toxin Buildup

Liver Cleanse for Acne

The best way to help your body detox and clean out these excess toxins, is to try eliminating as much going in as possible. This can be done mainly through your diet because everything you put into your body must come back out in one way or another.

Your skin plays a major role in eliminating what goes into the body, and certain areas such as the face, back, and neck are some of the primary areas people sweat from. It is important to wash your face daily with a natural face cleanser as it can be easy for dirt and bacteria to get on the skin.

If you really want to get rid of acne for good, you need to take a strong look at what you’re eating and drinking on a daily basis, and then taking action and replacing what’s causing the problem with healthier alternatives.

Some items to avoid as much as possible are:

• Soda and Especially Diet Soda due to the Sweetener Aspartame which is Highly Toxic.
• Fried, Greasy Foods
• White Sugar and Flour
• Alcohol, Drugs, and Cigarettes
• Red Meats
• All Fast-Food

All of these are avoidable and should rarely be consumed, if ever. Items such as these are incredibly harmful on the liver, and require enormous amounts of energy to properly breakdown.

The liver is the cornerstone of your digestive system, everything you eat, drink, and breathe goes through the liver to be broken down, filtered, and processed before further digestion takes place.

Try including these healthy foods into your diet as much as possible:

• Fresh Vegetable Juices and Smoothies (A Vita-Mix makes this really simple)

• Organic Salads made with Dark Green Spinach and Kale (Can easily grow both in a small backyard garden)

• Wheat Bread, Sprouted Bread, or Gluten Free Alternative

• Fresh Fish such as Salmon instead of beef, chicken, or pork for high omega-3’s

• Lots and Lots of Water! (Reverse Osmosis or Distilled Water is best)

• Limited Dairy Products (Try Almond or Hemp Milk instead of Cows Milk)

If your liver is constantly having to battle with toxic, unhealthy, difficult to digest foods; the likelihood of having side-effects such as acne sky-rockets because more and more toxins will get through the livers defenses and into the body.

A liver cleanse should be thought of in the same way as an oil change for your car. You need to change the oil in your car every 4,000 miles, or else it can become all grimy and sludgy, resulting in poor motor function and excess wear and tear on your engine. It’s the same concept with your liver, clean it out every 4-6 months so it can function properly, and it will do everything it needs to do in order to take care of problems such as acne.

Your diet isn’t the only thing to look into if you’re suffering from acne. There are other factors involved that can easily hinder your livers ability to filter out toxins, such as high stress levels.

Stress is something we all must deal with, but it can easily be reduced to levels which don’t have negative side-effects on your body. When you’re under high amounts of stress, your whole body suffers. You get chemical imbalances in your body, your immune system lowers, your blood pressure rises, and your livers ability to function properly is reduced drastically.

This can easily result in side-effects such as acne for many people, if you’re constantly having to deal with stress, I recommend finding something which will help take reduce stress and tension buildup such as exercising, meditation, and proper sleep.

The next step is taking action and finding a liver cleanse supplement that works for you, and sticking with your diet and overall health plan until you achieve your desired results. A healthy, clean liver can definitely help cure any acne problem by healing from the inside out.


Lenita Cushenberry May 25, 2011 at 7:04 pm

Thanks for your info. I tried drinking water and it definitely worked out well for me.

Sean May 25, 2011 at 9:52 pm

Thanks Lenita.

Yes, drinking enough water per day is essential. Water is the ultimate cleanser there’s no doubt about that! :)

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