Fatty Liver Symptoms and Cure

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Could a fatty liver be behind your health problems? Up to 24% of adults suffer from fatty liver symptoms and disease (also known as FLD).

A reversible condition that occurs when a person’s liver is unable to break down fat, causing fat to accumulate which then causes a wide array of troublesome symptoms; including inflammation that can eventually lead to cirrhosis of the liver or cancer and ultimately an untimely death.

To understand just how serious fatty liver disease can be, you have to consider how important a role your liver plays in your health. It removes toxins from everything we ingest, helps regulate blood sugar, builds proteins and transforms nutrients from the food we eat into vital chemicals our bodies need to function. It’s no wonder that a poorly functioning liver can effect virtually all of our other organs!

Fatty Liver Symptoms

Some of the troubling symptoms of fatty liver disease include:

• Pain or discomfort in the abdomen and/or lower torso
• Feelings of nausea or a lack of appetite
• Being overweight
• Fatigue
• Weakness
• Yellow or jaundiced skin

However, one of the scariest things about liver disease is that many of the symptoms are easily brushed aside as being just the normal discomforts of our modern, busy lives. Often, these symptoms don’t reach the boiling point until our livers are on the verge of failure.

That’s why if you have fatty liver disease or any other symptoms that indicate that your liver is not functioning, you should take it as a sign to take action now, rather than a wait and see approach.

The most common approach to treating fatty liver disease is by making dietary changes. Our modern diets are packed full of processed, greasy foods that have been robbed of nutrients. We are constantly exposed to chemicals and other toxic substances that put a strain on our bodies, especially our livers.

While eating a more healthful diet might seem like the obvious answer, it’s important that those with fatty liver disease understand that not all foods that conventional wisdom tells us are healthy will work to reverse the damage. In fact, some foods, like certain fruits high in fructose can exacerbate fatty liver disease, as it triggers the liver to convert carbohydrates into fat stores, some of which remain deposited in the liver.

It is crucial that those who are suffering from fatty liver and related symptoms educate themselves on what foods will support their recovery and the ideal times to eat them, along with what chemicals to avoid, how to exercise and simple ways to cleanse the liver and restore it to health.

Taking care of your liver the correct way will not only give you relief from the fatigue, aches, pains and nausea, it will also allow your liver to begin metabolizing fat and help you shed those excess pounds. Many people are not aware of the vital role our livers play in helping us to regulate our weight and insulin response, and are surprised to learn that often the best way to shed the pounds is to cleanse and heal the liver first.

Curing Fatty Liver

Do consult with your doctor about your fatty liver, but don’t neglect to do your own research and find out what you can do at home, using ordinary and easily obtained foods, liver supplements, and common household items.

The most important aspect for reversing fatty liver is to focus on the correct diet and foods during the healing process.

This can be confusing and overwhelming for many at first, but it is very important to do it the correct way in order to not only heal in the fastest way possible, but to make sure the foods you’re eating aren’t going to make it worse.

For this reason, we highly recommend finding a diet guide so you’re not flying blind when it comes to what you need to be eating on a daily basis in order to reverse this condition in a safe and efficient manner.

The best resource available is the Fatty Liver Bible, which was written by former Fatty Liver sufferer Debra Elkin, and her protocol for reversing fatty liver has one of the highest success rates in the world. If there’s anything we’re happy to recommend reading and implementing, this is it.

The Fatty Liver Bible and Ezra Protocol, gives specific information about the foods that you should – and absolutely should not – be eating and which toxic household products should be avoided as you cleanse your liver and restore your health. This is a must have resource for anyone who has any level of Fatty Liver Disease.

It’s scary and frustrating to be told that your liver is failing and there isn’t much you can do about it other than to stop drinking and pray. You can empower yourself by doing your research so that you can make informed decisions about how you will beat liver disease.


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