Cranky, Moody, and Suffering From Hot Flashes? It May Be Your Liver!

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That’s right. After years of filtering waste from your bloodstream, your liver can become so overloaded with excess hormones, chemicals and other toxins that it can’t function properly.

This is where a natural liver cleanse can help. High estrogen levels in particular can cause moodiness, increased menstrual pain, acne, increased pain from endometriosis and menopausal hot flashes.

Treatment for high estrogen levels often includes introducing other chemicals and hormones which can cause your liver to work even harder. Since recent studies indicate that high estrogen levels are often the result of a compromised liver, a simple liver cleanse is the logical place to start.

Liver Cleanse For Hot Flashes, Hormones and Menopause

Where Do Hormones Come From?

Your body naturally produces hormones and under ideal circumstances, your liver can process these easily. However, in addition to the hormones that your body produces, commercial meats and dairy products also frequently contain estrogen and other hormones.

Farmers want bigger chickens, leaner cows and more milk, and they need it all right now. To get these results, they either inject the animals with hormones or add it to their feed. There are synthetic hormones in medications, tap water and even in plastic bottles and containers!

What Does Excess Estrogen Cause?

Excellent question! Too much estrogen causes complications in women already suffering from estrogen-sensitive conditions such as endometriosis, menopause, fertility problems, acne and severe menstrual pain.

High estrogen levels have also been shown to inhibit weight loss, cause sleep problems and even increase your risk for various types of cancer, including breast cancer.

Oddly enough, many traditional medications used as hot flash remedies, endometriosis treatments or to reduce menstrual pain contain more hormones to counteract the estrogen. Shoving more hormones into your system just congests your liver even more.

How Can I Get Rid of the Extra Hormones?

In order to rid your body of excess hormones, you need to practice regular liver cleansing. It’s easy to do and you’ll see improvements almost immediately. Once your liver is clean, it can start functioning properly again and you’ll see a reduction in many of the symptoms that may be plaguing you.

Make sure that the liver cleanse product that you choose has quality ingredients such as Applied Health’s All Natural Liver Cleanse. Your goal is to clean your liver, not add more chemicals to your bloodstream for it to process!

Why is a Liver Cleanse So Important?

Quite simply, in today’s world you regularly absorb or consume more toxins, excess hormones and chemicals than your liver can process. These wastes start to accumulate in your liver and can cause or irritate numerous different health conditions. Consider a good liver cleanse to be an acne medication, hot flash remedy, weight loss aid and immune booster all in one!

The bottom line is that if your liver’s all clogged up with toxins, it can’t function properly and you’re going to get sick. To learn more about what Applied Health’s All Natural Liver Cleanse can do for you, click on over to the website. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn!

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