Common Herbs Used in a Parasite Cleanse

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Although a parasite cleanse doesn’t sound like a fun topic to discuss.

The truth is that throughout your day, you are exposed to many different kinds of parasites.

Usually this isn’t a problem because your immune system does a great job of killing and eliminating them all on its own before they can do any damage. But if your immune system is weak, they can increase in numbers rapidly and start causing some very uncomfortable symptoms.

Unfortunately, many of the traditional anti-parasitic drugs have really nasty side effects of their own. For this reason, many people turn to a natural parasite cleanse.

When your body can’t eliminate the parasites, you may start experiencing illness and various side effects including:

• Unexplained Weight Loss
• Abdominal Pain
• Diarrhea
• Fatigue
• Vomiting
• Heartburn
• Itchy anus
• Rash, Hives, Skin Irritation or Itching

The list goes on, but these are the side effects that are most prevalent and if you’re experiencing them, you should speak with your doctor. A good parasite cleanse may also help to rid your body of the parasites that your immune system can’t fight alone.

Popular Natural Parasite Cleanse Herbs

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There are many different herbs that are believed to have anti-parasitic properties without harmful side effects and may be found in many of the parasite cleanses available on the market today. Some of these herbs include propolis, wormwood, black walnut and clove.


Propolis, or bee glue, is a sticky substance that bees make from a resin-like substance that they gather from the barks and buds of various trees and flowers.

Not only is propolis used as a parasite cleanse, it’s also proven to have anti-microbial and antibiotic properties.

Because of this, many people take it on a regular basis to ward off colds and the flu. Propolis comes in several different forms including its natural state, chunks, pills and powder. The pills or powder may be better choices because propolis in its natural state tastes bad.


Officially approved by the World Health Organization to treat malaria, which is a disease that’s caused by parasites carried by mosquitoes, wormwood is originally native to Europe, Africa, and Asia and has been used for centuries by herbalists to treat stomach problems, parasites and fever. Wormwood is an herb that is frequently found in natural parasite cleanses.

Black Walnut

The outer shell and hulls of the black walnut have been used for centuries to treat parasitic infections, ringworm, lupus and other ailments and skin conditions.

The active ingredients, tannins, are believed by herbalists to possess antiseptic and anti-parasitic properties and black walnut is frequently an ingredient in natural parasite cleanses. Because black walnut can lower blood pressure, it shouldn’t be used long-term without talking to your doctor.

Clove and Cinnamon

Both of these spices are known to have antiseptic and antibacterial properties and are also widely used in cooking and baking throughout the world.

Because of these properties, clove and cinnamon are often used for natural remedies for toothaches, nausea, weight loss and blood sugar regulation. They are also suspected to kill parasites and are therefore common ingredients in natural parasite cleanses.

Because even natural medications, treatments and supplements may be harmful to certain people or in excess dosages, you should always talk to your doctor before beginning a parasite cleanse or any other treatment.

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